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You are bidding on Doctor Who Figures Aliens & Enemies figures.Choose from list.The list show what availalbe and relevant info.


  Figures are

  - Tenth Doctor in Brown Overcoat & Glasses and Red shoes & new face sculpt -- The Master (in Yana Clothes) - Professor Yana - Tenth Doctor in Brown Overcoat and Red Trainers - Novice Hame - - Eleventh Doctor Ganger - Scarcrow with Brown Tie - - Chip - Auton in Grey Suit - - Pig Pilot - - Martha Jones - Donna Noble - Lilith - - Tenth Doctor in Brown Suit - Tenth Doctor in Brown Overcoatd - Tenth Doctor in Blue suit - Tenth Doctor in Blue suit (new face sculpt and new spiked hair) - Decayed Master with Gun - Tenth Doctor with 3D Glasses - - Gelth Zombie - Silurian Aliya with face mask - Eleventh Doctor - Rose Tyler in Red Hoodie (Dirty Blonde hair) - Third Doctor Jon Pertwee - Pig Slave - Scarecrow with Blue Tie - Moxx of Balhoom -  Mummy Robot  - Eleventh Doctor in Stetson and with sonic - Brannigan  - Dalek Sec Hybrid  - Judoon Captain (Ivory Head) - Blue Clockwork Man - Cyberman - Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) with flute - Zygon - Tenth Doctor in Orange Spacesuit with helmut - The Brigadier from The Three Doctors with gun - Jo Grant with removeable coat and changeable arms - Gel Guard - Auton (1970's) with sphere and gun hand - Omega with removeable hand - Drashig figure from Carnival of Monsters  - Peri in pink outfit (from Attack of the Cybermen) - Rogue Cyberman with weapon and face mask from Attack of the Cybermen - Axon Monster - Paradigm Red Dalek Drone - Clara Oswald Impossible Girl with burnt soufflé - Fourth Doctor from Pyramids of Mars - Fourth Doctor City of Death - Brown Krillitane with Open mouth - Serene Weeping Angel - Sontaran General Stall - Sontaran Skoor with weapon and helmut - Leela with knife - Hath Peck - Captain Jack in coat with gun and Doctor's hand in jar -



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